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16 August 2013

Hey Lovelies! So I am probably the last blogger in the history of blogspot so do a full review of this product. I apologize however if you have followed my blog from the beginning then you will know that back in January I did mini reviews of a couple of Lush products I had bought. This lip scrub was one of them. Now when I look back on that review I cringe so bad because it is officially the worst review I have ever done. The photos, the lighting, the review itself. Just no. Fleur Danielle what on earth were you thinking? Now I know most of you will probably be thinking 'well if you think it's that bad why not delete it?' and I would but I like having it there as I look at my blogging back then compared to now I can see just how far I have come. If you want to see that fail of a review for some laughs then click HERE. I'm pretty proud of my progress. But before I start getting all emotional on you let's get to the point of this post. 

Now like I have already mentioned I bought this product back in January when I was shopping one evening with my friend just before uni started again. I had never really bought anything from Lush before and I remember before Christmas everyone was going on about the bath bombs and the 'Snow Fairy' shower gel was on every girls instagram and being reviewed an awful lot so I just couldn't put off the trip any longer especially as student loans had come through a day or so before. Perfect timing really.

Anyway whilst I was in Lush I spotted this lip scrub and I was instantly drawn in. I had heard of a face scrub and a body scrub but lip scrub? This was completely new to me. I decided to test it out in the shop (Yes I know how unhygienic of me but I promise I bought the same one I tested) and I absolutely loved it.

The main aim of this lip scrub is to leave the lips feeling insanely moisturized and smooth by removing the dead skin and any flakiness from them. I find it definitely does the trick. I don't know if it is just me but before I found out about this product I used to use the old toothbrush trick. Not only is that extremely painful and leaves the lips bleeding but it also doesn't work as well as this. This is a very sugary product so tends to be quite crumbly however once you have applied it and removed it from your lips they look incredibly healthy looking and are super soft. It's as Lush themselves state 'Keeps lips in tip top condition for kissing, pouting, talking or anything else you wish to do with them'. 

Lush use caster sugar and jojoba oil to make this product. Because of this it means that the scrub is quite crumbly which is the only downfall I will give. I use this over a sink so that any excess product falls in there instead of on the floor or dressing table purely because I am just to lazy to clean it.  Once applied I leave it on for around 30 seconds and then lick it off. As well as this product tasting insanely good, think candyfloss, and working absolute wonders on my lips it also smells like bubblegum as well. This scrub is best followed up by a lip balm to keep the good condition of your lips. I use the Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint one. Another sweet tasting and smelling product. Using this before applying lipstick will also help as it will just glide on the lips and leave a flawless finish. 

If you are a girl, love pink, love bubblegum and anything sugary definitely pick this up. Summer is almost over so it means that the colder weather will start arriving soon. Definitely a good idea to pick these up next time you're in Lush so you are prepared for the colder months. There are also two other flavors in store which are Mint Julips and Popcorn both of which I've tried and both of which I don't particularly like as much as the bubblegum one. These can all be purchased online for £5.20 which even though is a tad bit pricey is definitely worth it. Click HERE to go to Lush's website. 

Have you tried this lip scrub or any of the other flavors? Has it, like me, become one of your go to items? Is Lush one of your favorite places to shop? Let me know below! 

Hugs and Kisses 


  1. I think I'm the only blogger in the world not to have this product. I'm definitely picking it up next time I'm in town. Great review :)

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


    1. Definitely!! This is a must have for any blogger!! :) xx

  2. Hey Kate, you're not the only one who hasn't tried this! lol I haven't either, but I really want to now! The only Lush products I've tried were the bath bombs! I need a scrub like this. I really appreciate your review. I'm loving your blog. You now have a new follower :)

    1. Haha we're so opposite! I've never tried the bath bombs! Definitely need to giver them a whirl! :) thank you so much lovely! xx

  3. A few weeks ago I got the exact same one from Manchester, it is amazing! I can't wait to try the mint one and the popcorn one.
    Although it is quite costly for some people it is definitely worth a try, however since the product doesn't use that many ingredients a cheaper alternative is to make your own, adding food colouring and flavour for taste.
    Keep up the good work on your blog I love it :D

  4. Ohhh that's great advice!! I might try that myself once this has ran out do thank you so much :) xx

  5. You're more than welcome, I've not tried it either :)
    But I will be sure to let you know how it goes if I happen to make it before you :) x


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