Review | Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

1 August 2013

Hello Everyone! After the thunderstorms and rain we've had the past few days it's lovely to see that the sun has made a return and is shining back down on us. I also cannot believe it is August already. This means that there are 23 days left until my 22nd birthday! There are a lot of birthday celebrations I have to look forward to this month other than mine so I'm quite excited! Let me know if you birthday is this month! 

Today I thought I'd talk about a concealer that surprisingly I have not seen that many blog reviews of. I've seen plenty of youtube reviews nonetheless which is where I was introduced to this product. When I first heard the name I immediately didn't expect it to be a high street brand so you can imagine my surprise when Boots was mentioned. I immediately went out and bought it the next day because I absolutely loved how bright this makes the eyes look. 

I suffer from really dark circles underneath my eyes purely down to the reason that I suffer from insomnia meaning I don't get enough sleep. This means I'm constantly bombarded with comments telling me how tired I look. Never a good thing as it's a polite way of being told you look like crap. Lovely. 

Since using this concealer I've noticed such a change in the way I look. It is so effective underneath the eyes and hides dark circles and fine lines amazingly well. It also blends really well and leaves a matte to satin finish which I absolutely love. When applying this product you need to twist the bottom cap until you have enough product on the brush and then apply it however be warned that the brush is quite stiff so can be quite uncomfortable on application but you do get used to it. 

If I had to give this product any cons, the main ones I can think of is that it only comes in two shades. I use Nude, the other shade is Ivory. It definitely isn't suitable for use on blemishes at all either. As it's a highlighting product using them on blemishes would conceal them but it would also just emphasise them further. It also needs to be touched up at least once or twice throughout the day too which for me isn't really a problem but for some of you who have slightly more busy lives I can see how this would be a disadvantage. 

Negative aspects aside I do absolutely love this product as it hides my dark circles perfectly and brightens my under eye area which is what I really look for when purchasing a concealer so This will definitely be on my 'products to re-purchase' list. You can purchase this at Boots for £6.99.

Have you used the Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer? (No I didn't copy and paste that)? What are your views? Is this a concealer you will be purchasing?

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  1. A very good review. Thanks for sharing. x

    -Lady N.


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