A Peek Inside My Bedroom

8 August 2013

Bear - 21st Birthday Present from one of my closest friends last year. 
Address Book Drawer Set: Local Charity Shop 
Red Nose: Sainsbury's
Donkey and Cow: Antique Shop in France 
21st Birthday Frame & Dream Decor: Both from Clinton Cards
All of these pretty items were presents from my 18th & 21st Birthdays so I do not know where they are from unfortunately
'Love Peace & Joy' Sign: Clinton Cards
'Everything Is Going To Be Okay' Book: Urban Outfitters 

Hello Everyone! Hope you're all having a lovely day! It's Thursday, meaning only one day till the weekend can finally begin! How exciting. This weekend I will be shopping for my little twin cousins' birthday next week. They will be two years old. I love shopping for children so I am excited to see what I can find that will make them happy. 

Today I thought I would do something a little bit different. As I am currently unemployed I haven't really been able to go out and try new make up or skin care products and I have been left with that stressful question of 'What am I going to blog about?' If you have been in the same situation as me and have a blog you know how frustrating it can be when you want to try something but can't. This is why today I thought I would do a 'Room Tour' post. I love reading these kind of posts and watching room tour videos on YouTube as I always get inspiration of how I can decorate my own room. I am quite a nosy person and I know there are many of you out there, like me, who enjoy these kinds of posts. 

Now this room hasn't always been my room. In fact within my house I have slept the bedroom that is now my brother's room and also had the box room that is now a study room. A few years ago my parents decided that it was time to renovate the house so they converted the loft. Now they were a bit torn with whether or not they should have this room or give it to their eldest child ME! Fortunately I was lucky enough to get it. I love it, it is just so big and spacious and fits everything I want. If there was one thing I don't like about this room is that it gets so hot. Literally the hottest house in the room. Even in Winter I have to have the windows open a little bit. 

But anyway, as you can see from the photos my room is all fitted. This means that if I wanted to change my room around and move the furniture to different places I can't do that. As you can see at the sides of my bed I have wardrobes and cupboards where I keep my clothes, books, old school college & recently university stuff in there. It just keeps it from cluttering up my desk which as you can see is not included in the photos as it was an absolute mess but its a simple white table from ikea where the sides fold down. My bed is a king size and the duvet cover and pillow cases are from Ikea. The duvet is white with pink roses all over the cover. This is my favorite duvet as it is just so bright and makes my room look so girly. 

At the sides of my bed there are bedside tables. On the left hand side I use it to store my DVDs and CDs in the top drawer and all my old travelling magazines in the bottom drawer. On the top of the table I put my iPod dock and my collection of Yankee candles. On the right hand side I store my books and other little items such as my blogging book, diary and headphones in the top drawer and my Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill box sets in the bottom drawer. On top I keep a tissue box, memory jar, collection of Company and Glamour magazines and Polaroid pictures. I also always have a bottle of water to hydrate myself. Both sides of the bed side table have little compartments where I keep gifts that my family and friends have given to me and other items that are important to me. 

My dressing table obviously consists of my make up and jewelry items as well. This is currently a work in progress as I am sorting everything out and in the future I will be getting separate storage compartments to make it more organised as right now it is quite a mess. I keep all my cotton wool pads for my cleansers and toners and also have my hair dryer and curlers in a drawer too. One of my drawers in my dressing table also contains my socks. I have a drawer in my wardrobe that contain socks too so yes I am a little bit obsessed with socks. I get very cold feet so even in summer I need thin ones that can warm them up. The baby picture above my dresser is actually me. I am not the biggest fan of having a picture of myself as a baby above my dressing table if I am being honest but never mind.  

So there we have it that is my room tour. I absolutely love my room. It is a perfect place for me to just relax and blog or listen to music, read a book, watch a couple of films or even have a few friends over for a girly night in as the sofa in my room converts into a bed as well. I love having little quotes around my room as well. Lately I have been purchasing a lot of items with positive quotes as it is giving me a more positive outlook on life and like the book on my dresser says, teaches me that everything is going to be okay. It is a gorgeous room and I am so thankful to my parents for giving it to me. 

What is your room like? Do you have a blog post or YouTube video? Are you perhaps in the process of redesigning your room? Has this post given you any ideas of how you would like you room to look once it has been completed? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

Hugs and Kisses 

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not showing off in anyway! I know there are lots of people out there who love to see how other people design their rooms which is why I decided to do this post. I am 100% grateful and know how lucky I am to be given a room like this. 


  1. Your room is so adorable! I love all the storage around your bed (so jealous!).

  2. Your room is absolutely adorable! I love your vanity/dressing table area!
    I love the "shabby chic" style but I am not always a fan of the "shabby" bit haha.
    Really cute :)

    Kammi from http://beautybookblog.com

    1. haha I know what you mean, I love it though :) thank you so much! xx

  3. Hi there^^,
    Your bed it so cute ^^ I´ve done something similar, check it out if you want to :D
    Your blog is sooo pretty, love it ^^
    XOXO Abby

    1. thank you lovely! :) I'll definitely be checking out your post too :) xx

  4. aww it looks so cute!

  5. Your room is so cosy! Love it!

    llh x



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