My Graduation 18th July 2013

27 July 2013

Hi Everyone! I thought I'd step out of the beauty blogging regime today and tell you a bit more about what's happened in my life recently as well. I love reading lifestyle posts because I love getting to know the person behind the blog a lot more. 

If you have been following me on twitter or instagram then you would have seen that I have mentioned me graduating numerous times. University wasn't exactly the best time for me. I struggled a lot in my second and third years. Second Year was particularly hard for me because I had lost friends, got myself into such a state financially and I also really didn't enjoy my course which was a shame. There was so many times I just wanted to drop out and just find a job because I was getting so fed up of sitting in front of a computer or book making notes for hours on end. But eventually it didn't matter. If  there's one thing I know about myself as negative as I can be I am also full of determination and I refused to quit what I had already started. As you can see it paid off because I am now a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management. 

Below are some pictures of my day. I was lucky enough to be able to graduate at one of the most historic attractions in London, Westminster Cathedral. I had already been there numerous times for different things but this definitely goes to the top as most special and most memorable. 

The above pictures were taken before the ceremony started. Me obviously in the cap and gown with my Dad and brother in the top picture and my mum and brother in the second picture. They were very proud of me and it felt good to have their support on the day. 

The moment of truth! My name was called out and I walked onto the stage, surprisingly enough I didn't trip! If you know me in real life then you will know I am as clumsy as anything so I was quite pleased. A congratulations from the head of uni and a 'make sure you look at the camera' which is the moment they caught on camera as I quickly glanced to wear the photographers were and I stepped off stage to collect my degree certificate. I still can't believe that's me on the stage. 5 months ago I'd never have imagined that moment. 

The after pictures were my favorite part. I only have a select few pictures as I do not want to upset anyone by posting pictures if they are uncomfortable with it. These girls have made my 3 years at uni worthwhile. All the tears and stressful moments were all worth it as we now had degrees and could go off to conquer the world. Cringy? Maybe a tad but oh well in a way it's true! We can now do whatever we want to do and go wherever we want to go. I hope we all stay in contact and that we are all successful in what we do but that most of all we are enjoying life. All the qualifications and jobs in the world don't mean anything if you're aren't happy. 

Anyway, my graduation will definitely be one to remember, my family and I all went to London's Chinatown to have a Chinese Meal which was absolutely delicious. Chinese food is absolutely amazing. I still can't believe I have graduated and when I look back on that day it really does seem a dream. All the struggles and everything I went through was definitely worth it when I look at that certificate. Also if you wish to see more pictures from my graduation day then just click the instagram tab at the top of my blog and have a browse through. 

Are you going to uni this September? Have you perhaps graduated already? If you need any tips or want a blog post on university life in the future then please let me know as I will be more than happy to share with you everything I have learned these past few years. Trust me, it is an awful lot. 

Hugs and Kisses 


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