July Wishlist!

7 July 2013

Beautysets - July Wishlist
Pay Day means that we all start shopping online, going on crazy sprees and making lists either on paper or in our heads of what we would like to spend our money on. If you are totally truthful to yourself you know it's true. As a blogger, wish lists are something we use to keep track of what we would like for the next. Below are some of the items I'd like with an explanation as to why. 

Vaudou Headbands 

I first caught glimpse of these headbands on instagram. From the picture you can see that  they are so cute and bright and just perfect for the summer months. These would definitely be a head turner at barbecues  particularly with the weather that we are having at the moment. These are only priced at £10 each. I'll definitely be purchasing this later on this month. Click HERE to go to the website and make sure to follow vaudoujewellery on instagram as well as they are always uploading pictures of new designs. They do other items as well such as sunglasses, necklaces and earrings as well. 

Moroccan Oil 

This has been raved about loads in the beauty community. It has been known to leave hair looking,  healthy, moisturized and to generally improve the condition of your hair. Without bragging, other than my hair being one length and incredibly difficult to manage I would say it is already in quite good condition however I remember reading that it stopped and got rid of split ends to and that was just a selling point for me, so hopefully sometime in the next month or so I will get my hands on this.

Vichy BB Cream 

I have seen so many good reviews about this product that it would be rude to not give it a whirl myself. My skin is quite dull looking and needs a bit of a pick me up at the moment particularly with all the sun its been getting the past few days. I have been reading that this does the trick perfectly. This product contains a light reflecting pigments and also hydrates your skin but doesn't leave it looking greasy making this the ideal product for me at the moment. Priced at £15.75 from Boots it is definitely not something I will be purchasing in a hurry but I will definitely get my hands on this product at some point this month. 

L'Occitane Happy Hands Collection 

If you read my L'occitane Mango Flower Hand Cream review then you would have seen that I hope to get my hands on this little trio of hand creams. Unfortunately when I was looking on the L'Occitane website I noticed that they no longer appear there, so I decided to search it on google and found that John Lewis are still selling it for only £20. The collection comes with 3 hand creams, Mango Flower, Date Bouquet and Rose Petals. I'll definitely be placing an order for this soon as I absolutely love the Mango Hand cream and if I don't have another one within my reach I might just cry. Sorry for being a little dramatic. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Perfume 

You might have seen this in my June Wishlist. Every time I go out I always have to go into a perfume shop just to give it a quick sniff. I just absolutely love it. It's so gorgeous and girly and just a perfect scent for this time of year. The packaging is so cute! My 22nd Birthday is coming up next month so maybe I'll get it then. I have been dropping very subtle hints so you never know. 

Pink and Gold Deco Plate Necklace 

This necklace is just so gorgeous. Normally these types of necklaces aren't really to my taste but I saw this and just fell in love. It is just so cute and so pretty and girly and would look perfect with practically anything but particularly white tops and shirts. The necklace has pink plate embellishment and has a gold chain fastening too. It is just so cute and is available at New Look for £8.99. If you can't find it in the shop it is still available online so just click HERE  if you'd like to see more.  

Les Miserables 

This is definitely one of my favorite musicals. I love the songs, I love the characters, I love the story, I just love every single thing about this musical. Having watched the 10th and 25th anniversaries I decided that I just absolutely had to see this at the theater  Then the movie came out. I absolutely love the movie but I know there was bits changed and cut out and I know for a fact it is just not the same as sitting in a theater witnessing a live performance. I have wanted to see this musical for years! However the past few months I have just wanted to go now more than ever. Later on this month on the 18th July I will be finally graduating from university. So far that will be the biggest thing to every happen to me. To celebrate this occasion my graduation present from my parents is to go and see this show live in the West End at the Queen's Theater  I cannot contain my excitement. I'm sure it will live up to all my expectations. 

So that is my July wishlist. What is on your wish list this month? Are any of these products on your wish list? Have you used some of these products and maybe been disappointed? Let me know in the comments below and I will be sure to reply back. 



  1. I want to have that Marc Jacobs Perfume too!! And I am obsessed with les mis songs. :)


    1. haha les mis songs are amazing. I'm hoping for the marc jacobs perfume soon! :) x

  2. I love this post very helpful! Can't wait to keep up with you just followed you on bloglovin (:



    1. yay! I'm glad you liked it :) aww thank you lovely! :) xx


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