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29 June 2013

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday. Today I thought I would do a post regarding my favorite lip products. My lips need a lot of care purely because they get very dry and chap easily it doesn't matter what time of the year it is. Obviously it is 10x worse in the winter but they also need a lot of protection in the Summer too. These are all the lip products I am currently loving and using at the moment. 

The models own lip balms are fairly new to my collection. I have only had them for about a week and I really like them. They smell absolutely gorgeous and have a slight flavor to them. I also love the fact that they have got SPF15 in them which adds that added protection to your lips as well. I am not a huge fan of the packaging. Despite it being easier than other lip balms to open the packaging is quite rubbery and cheap. But for £4.00 I think I can forgive that. 

This is definitely my staple item. I think this is like my 5th tube. It is just so moisturizing and smells and tastes absolutely delicious too. It leaves a very pretty gloss on your lips too and I've always been someone who has to have shine on her lips. I hate them plain and looking dry and chapped. Not a good look. 

This is one of my newest purchases. I got this gloss in the shade 'Nova'.  I absolutely love this gloss and to be honest that fact came as a bit of a shock to me. It is a very pigmented gloss and if you know me at all then you would know that bright stand out colors are not really my thing. This lip glosses have quite a matte finish rather than a shiny finish which is what I prefer in meaning that it can dry out quite quickly. A quick top up usually solves this problem though. The wand is also slightly angled and has a dip as well meaning that quite a lot of product turns up on the wand so you don't need to keep dipping it into the tube. I haven't used this much unless I'm going out because on me I find it's more of an evening color. 

These were actually in a  bronzing kit that my aunt bought me as a Christmas Present. They are very sheer glosses which I actually like. They don't really have any taste or fancy scent to them. They are just simple glosses if you fancy a bit of shine on your lips. My favorite is the Apricot blush one as I find it leaves a nicer finish on my lips. 

I have always been a lip gloss fan. I spotted this gloss in Superdrug and picked it up right away. This color is 'Pop Your Pink' and it is a lovely opaque pink gloss. I was quite surprised by this as I actually expected it to be a lot more pigmented, however I find for me this is not the case which I love. Definitely a favorite at the moment. 

Carmex have been making lipbalms for literally years. It is definitely a firm favorite amongst the beauty community and I have no seen one bad review for this gloss. The one I picked up was the Cherry Carmex compared to the normal one. I can't really say much for this lip balm as it is all listed on the packaging. It does exactly what it says. It soothes, it relieves and it most definitely moisturizes. I'd say this is the perfect balm for the winter months. Again it has the SPF15 logo on it which means it is very useful during the summer months when protecting your lips from the sun. 

I have everything mango from the body shop and when I spotted this I did not hestiate to pick it up. They are super moisturizing and leave your lips looking and feeling incredibly soft and healthy too. If you haven't tried the body shop lip balms or are looking for a new balm to try definitely try this one. 

Soap and Glory to me are definitely one of the best brands around. I absolutely love the smell of their products and I've yet to come across a soap and glory product that I don't like. It wasn't until about 2 months ago I discovered they done lip balms so I decided to purchase this product. It is one of my favorite lip balms ever. It is so moisturizing  leaves a nice shine on your lips which I find quite unusual for lip balms and it also tastes delicious which is yeah you guessed it one of my favorite  features. Definitely give this a whirl if you haven't already. 

We all know limited edition never actually means limited edition because a year or so later they can still be spotted in certain shops on the high street. This product is no exception. I've been through about 3 of these. I've never actually been a vaseline fan. I just don't like the formula of the products or the texture and I really don't like the smell either however I just had to try this out when it came out. I'm not the biggest fan of this product to be honest. The scent is pretty strong which is off putting when applying it. However the one aspect of this product I do like is that it leaves a slightly pink tint on your lips. Like the other vaseline formulas it still keeps the moisture locked into your lips. 

I love Nivea products. Their facial moisturizers are definitely firm favorites of mine and have been for a good number of years now. This lip balm is moisturizing and has a very sweet raspberry scent to it as well. It lives a slightly pink tint on your lips as well which I love. 

I have nothing really to say about this balm other than I don't really like it. It leaves a horrible sheen on my lips and does not suit my skin tone at all. Saying that it does leave them very moisturized and because of that reason I do use it. However I only use it in the house, I never use it when out as it does leave a pretty horrible finish on my lips. 

Instagram introduced me to the wonders of Cath Kidston and I absolutely love this lip gloss. It has a fresh rose scent which is not to strong and also the gloss is opaque and leaves a gorgeous shiny finish on my lips. I do find that this gloss does have a slight watery consistency to it which I don't like but I guess that is why the gloss is very shiny. Either way it is a gorgeous lip gloss so check it out if you haven't already. 

This lip gloss actually came in the latest issue of Glamour. I had never heard of this company before but from the price of this lip gloss it is definitely not your regular high street bargain. This lip gloss is priced at £25 so I felt quite lucky when I got it free with a magazine. I absolutely love this lip gloss. It leaves a very glossy finish on my lips and it isn't too pigmented either. The application of the gloss is very smooth and you don't need to keep reapplying the gloss as it stays on for most of the day.The packaging is so cute as well especially as it has a mirror which makes it easy to see exactly where the lip gloss is going. 

If you follow me on twitter or instagram or know me in real life then you will know I am absolutely obsessed with these lip butters. If you read my April Favorites post then you would have seen that I mentioned these. I mentioned that I thought they are basically lip glosses in lip stick form. As someone who doesn't like lipsticks this for me is a great alternative. They come in such pretty colors and are also super moisturizing. I could not recommend these enough especially if you are like me and are not a huge fan of very pigmented lipsticks. 

The Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stains from Revlon are definitely one of my favorite things to keep in my make up bag. I love the scent to these handy little sticks and I love how easy they are to apply to your lips as well. It is so easy to reapply the color throughout the day as well.  The finish it leaves on your lips is not too glossy but not to matte either. I love the peppermint smell that you get with these product too. I just think that it is super pretty. 

You would have already seen on my blog that I have raved about these items. I am just in love with these lip scrubs. They just leave my lips feeling so soft. I tend to use this twice a day in order to make sure that all the dead and dry skin is removed before I apply my lip gloss, balm or one of the lip butters. These are edible and licking them off my lips once I have finished applying them is definitely my favorite part. 

Phew, this is definitely my longest post yet so if you have read it till the end then thank you!! I know I have been a bit repetitive and used the word moisturize a lot but I do love a good moisturizing lip balm/gloss/butter in case I haven't made that clear already! Do you use any of these products? What are you favorite lip products? Also if you would like a more in depth and full review of each of these products please tell me below. 


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  2. I also don't really like the Nivea Pearly shine lip balm.It smells absolutely horrible.


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