What's on my iPhone?

7 May 2013

So today I thought I'd do a blog post based on what is on my iPhone. I always enjoy watching videos and reading blogposts on new apps people have downloaded and I love seeing what useful apps I could download myself so doing a blogpost of what I have on my iPhone might introduce you to new apps that you might not have yourself. I will be including pictures so that if you are interested in any of these apps you are aware of what they look like. LET'S BEGIN! 

So I currently have the iPhone 4S in White and I absolutely love it. I can't imagine having any other phone other than the iPhone. So all you blackberry fans out there. You're missing out big time. BBM is worth the loss for an iPhone trust me. 

So when you look at my iPhone the first thing you will see is the lock screen. Now my lock screen is basic it is just a photo-set of me and my cousin from when she came down from Mauritius around 3-4 years ago. I love these pictures which is why they are on there. 

Now the next two pictures, if you haven't already found this app will confuse you because the icon images are completely different. The app that I have used to do this is cocoppa. It is a really cool app and has pretty backgrounds and pretty icon images. The app is pretty self explanatory but if you would like me to do a detailed blog post on how I managed to change the icon pictures please comment below. 

So as you can see from the above pictures these are the apps that I use the most so I have decided to re-order them and then change the images. This takes over my first two pages on my home screens. My phone just looks so cute and I love it. 

The third page of my iPhone just has the standard apps that come with the iPhone. These are contacts, phone, photos, messages, clock, camera, calender, calculator, mail, weather, maps and settings. Then at the bottom of the screen I have the general music, videos, safari and app store as well. I don't tend to use the iPod that is built in to the phone because I have the iPod 5 so I just prefer using that for my music and using my phone for apps etc. 

I never used to like to do this but more recently I have started to put my apps into folders, purely because it just looks more organised and also because the iPhone places the apps into different categories which I think is so useful and helpful. The current folders I have include adventure, which is games, lifestyle, utilities, photography, social and references. I also have the newsstand app which I prefer to use more on my iPad than on my iPhone. (Yes I have an iPhone, iPod and iPad. I do love my apple products). You can also change the names of this folders as well by just clicking on it and changing the names. (I will be changing adventure to games after this). 

So in the 'Adventure' (Games) folder I don't really have that many apps and the apps I do have I'm sure most of you already know about. If not where have you been?!?  I have 2 versions of Temple Run on my phone. Temple Run Oz and Temple Run 2 which I absolutely love and both of these are 10 times better than the first one so if you haven't got these please go and download them. I also have the 4 pics 1 word app where you need to guess the word that all 4 pictures shown to you relate to, candy crush which is a game where you have to remove the candy in a certain period of time and is a really fun game, angry birds and Line Play which is basically your own virtual character living in your phone so its similar to having a SIM. (PS the Buddha app is not a game its a quote app that should be in the lifestyle folder. Woopsie!)

The next folder I have is called the 'Lifestyle' folder. I have quite a few apps in here. I have Emoji Pro which is the app that gives you the smilies that you include in texts, Big Day which is a countdown app that you can use to countdown to a certain event (mine is currently Graduation!), Inspiration which is a quote app, Wanelo which is a shopping app, self help which is a motivational quote app that I absolutely LOVE, cruelty free which shows you a list of brands that test on animals, Myfitnesspal which I don't really use but allows you to keep track of what you ear, Cocoppa, Amazon, Dominos, Paypal and just eat which is an app like Dominos but covers more take away places. 

The next folder that I have on my phone is the 'Utilities' folder. In here I have more of the apps that are already built in to the phone which are the Compass, Voice Memos, Stocks, Reminders, Notes, Game Centre, Passbook and Itunes. I only really use the Itunes app to discover new songs and the notes app. I have then include 4 apps that I have downloaded as well which are Text Cutie which is like Notes, Yelp which is an app that allows you to find nearest restaurants, bars, gas stations etc, Nike + Running and Flashlight. 

The next folder on my phone which probably contain my most used apps is the 'Photography' folder. Now I absolutely love taking photos and editing them and uploading them to my social media sites so this folder is vital for me. The apps I have in this folder are Instagram, PicFrame which allows you to put your photos into collages (see my lock screen), Telly which is a video app, Youtube, Keek which again is a photo app, 8MM which I absolutely love and allows you to take videos with different filters such as black and white, old vintage style and yeah I love it, Mirrorgram which allows you to take a picture and reflect it, Videostar allowing you to video yourself singing songs and adding filters etc, PicFx which allows you to put light effects and filters on your photos, Diptic which is an app like Picframe, Snapchat and iPhoto. I use all of these apps DAILY. If you're a bit of a photo geek like me and like your filters and editing then please download all these apps. You won't regret it. 

The next folder is my 'Social' folder. Self explanatory this app basically contains all the apps for my social media. These include Echofon which is basically twitter, Whatsapp, Blogger so I can read blogs on the go, We Heart It, Facebook, Skype, Tumblr, KIK and My followers (for instagram) which lets me know who I'm following and not following. I also have 3 more photo/video apps in here as well as they wouldn't fit into my photography folder. These are Squaready, which is another editing app, Vine, which allows you to record videos and BrokehCamFx which allows to put light effects on your photos. This folder also contains my most used apps. .

My final folder is the 'Reference' folder. This folder contains my Bank app, the Google app which I prefer to use instead of going into Safari, Starbucks app, tube status which tells me if the tubes are running on time or are delayed and Wunderlist which is an app that allows me to create lists which is very very useful! 

So there you have it, these are all the apps I have on my phone. Like I said near the beginning if you would like me to do a blogpost on how to get my phone's app icons like I have then I will do a separate blog post! 

How do you like these apps? Are there any apps you have that you think I would enjoy? 


  1. Love how much effort you put into this, it's amazing! Eep <3

  2. Love this post so much, love all of your posts! Please check out my blog if you'd like <3


    1. thank you so much :) I've checked out your blog and loved the post about your polaroid camera :) I've also followed your blog too! Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future :)

  3. Such a wonderful blog, I always look forward to reading your posts before I go to sleep each night! Some of them I even read over and over again, I have so much adoration for the efforts you put in and the quality of your blog! Simply wonderful xx

    1. oh my goodness thank you so much! This means so much to me! I'm so pleased that people actually like my blog, I never expected it to get this kind of reaction so thank you so so much!!

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