April Favourites 2013

1 May 2013

Hey everyone! 

So April was a very interesting month in terms of spending. I had bought quite a lot of items during this month. This is why I shouldn't be allowed a student loan. Because it just goes in like 2 weeks! But I love all of these items and I hope you will enjoy checking them out as well! Some of these items have appeared in my 2012 favorites as well but I've decided to include them here as well. So lets get to it! 

So the first item or items I guess that I have been loving are the Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes. Now I don't real wear much nail polish because I have a really bad habit of biting my nails quite a bit, however I was in Superdrug one Sunday afternoon, browsing the counters and the colors on the Barry M ones were so pretty and perfect for Spring time as well. I decided to get quite a few different colors as shown by the picture below

                  (Left to Right: Blueberry, Greenberry, Grapefruit, Prickly Pear & Dragon Fruit)

These colors are just the prettiest colors ever. I find these a lot nicer than the normal Barry M nail polishes because they are a lot more shiny and stay on longer. I also find that they dry quite quickly as well but maybe that is just me. They are priced at £3.99 which is just £1 more than the normal ones but I would definitely recommend them. They have many other different colors as well some of which area lot darker. I prefer the above colors though. This is probably because I tend to wear a lot of dark colored clothing and I basically live in a black cardigan so I think bright colors are the best choice for me when it comes to picking nail polish. 

The next item that I have absolutely been loving and I don't think I could recommend this product enough is the Revlon Lip Butters. Oh my gosh this product is incredible and I am just in love with it. I have started to build up quite a bit of a collection but the colors are just so nice. I prefer the nude colors as compared to the bright colors because I don't really like wearing bright colors on my face but I haven't managed to resit buying the bright colors. 

(Left to Right: Creme Brulee, Sugar Frosting, Peach Parfait, Strawberry Smoothie, Sorbet and Berry Smoothie) 

I really like these colors and I don't really consider them lipsticks, I personally think they are lipglosses in lipstick form. I think they are so moisturizing and are just really soft when you are applying it and I am in just in love with the colors. I could not recommend this item more especially if like me you are not a huge fan of lipsticks. These are priced at £5.99 from SuperDrug. 

The other items that I have been loving are the Real Techniques Make Up Brushes. Now I bought this in like the third week of April however I am in love with them. I have got 4 brushes and are the Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush, Contour Brush and the Buffing Brush as well. I got these in a set. 

This is what the set packaging looks like when it is closed. It comes with a velcro fastening which makes it ideal to carry around in your handbag if you are going travelling which is very ideal. 


This is what the packaging looks like when it is open. There are 7 slots in total but the set came with the brushes that are contained within the photo. As it is seen from the left of the photo there is clearly room for more brushes which I will definitely be investing in in the near future! 

The brushes themselves are just incredible. They are super soft and just glide over your face when applying make up which leaves a really nice and polished finish. The tips of the brushes are white which I actually really love as it means you can see how much of the brush is dirty and its easy to clean as well. The brushes each have what they are supposed to be used for printed on them which I find is a major plus. So in case you can't see there is the (top to bottom) buffing brush, contour brush (both of which I like to use for powder or blushes, a pointed foundation brush (which is just amazing when applying foundation) and the detailer brush (which I like to use for applying concealer and just hiding blemishes. I would highly recommend these brushes. Priced at £21.50 these brushes are a bargain price for how good they are as they could be priced a lot higher. 

Sugar Crush Body Scrub has been one of my favorite buys of 2013 so far. It is an absolutely amazing product and the smell is just to die for! Definitely Soap and Glory's best scent. It is just amazing. This product is super soft on your skin and just makes you smell absolutely amazing. 

In case you can't read the packaging the ingredients contained within the scrub are smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia nuts and my god it smells beautiful! It is very sticky when you put it all over your body but it works absolute wonders and I urge you all to go out and buy it. I use this along with the sugar crush body wash and the sugar crush body butter so I come out smelling pretty sweet after but I love it! 

Okay so those are all the beauty items that I have been loving during April. Now I am going to talk about the other items that I loved which will include favorite candles, TV show and film. 

So my favorite candles come from the Yankee collection. If you know me and you are reading this then you know about my obsession with Yankee candles. I have about 12 small jars now, 4 tarts and a few tea lights as well. Slightly obsessed but I just love them. During April my favorite Yankee candles were the Bahama Breeze candle and the Wild Passion Fruit candles and these smell amazing. I am a huge fan of sweet smells and when I saw these two and had a sniff I couldn't resist anymore. 

I think these are both perfect smells for spring and summer so I'll be using these a lot throughout the next couple of months! The good thing about these candles is that you do not even have to light them to fill a room up with scent, just taking the lid off will do the trick. 

My favorite TV show throughout April was 90210. Now I had heard a lot of good things about this show but I never really watched it or got that into it. However, I became obsessed last month which wasn't a good thing when I had assignments and stuff to do but never mind. I just absolutely love it. 

It basically follows the lives of the pretty, popular and rich and how they struggle with their lives in Beverly Hills throughout high school and after as well. There are 5 seasons and I absolutely love it and find it so good. I would definitely recommend it especially if you like shows like Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore. 

My favorite films throughout April was probably The Audrey Hepburn Collection that I bought. It consists of four films which are Sabrina, Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday. Being a huge Audrey Hepburn fan I just could not resist when I saw this for £9.99 in HMV! So if you're an Audrey lover this is definitely worth a purchase. 

So they are my favorites throughout April, I hope you enjoyed having a read and have been tempted by the things shown here. The beauty products are mainly from boots and SuperDrug so those are the two places to head to if you would like this products. 

I will be making more an effort to improve this blog and will be doing a lot more posts as I have now finished university for good so be sure to keep checking my blog out. 

What are some of your favorite items of April?