50 Facts About Me

4 May 2013

Hey Everyone! 

So I thought I would do a '50 Facts About Me' as I have recently seen a lot of blog posts and videos on you-tube of people just giving random facts so I thought, why not do the same? These weren't easy to come up with but I hope they interest you and yeah let me know something about yourself if you happen to come across this post!

  1. I was born on the 24th August 1991 
  2. I am 21 years old 
  3. It took my parents 2 weeks to come up with a name for me 
  4. My full name is Fleur Danielle Cecelia Griffin 
  5. My favorite colors are pink and white. 
  6. I come from a very multi-cultural, multi-ethnic family. I have Irish, German, Scottish, Mauritian, French and Indian within me. 
  7. I have 2 step brothers who I have never ever met. 
  8. I am a  huge supporter of Celtic Football Club and once had my picture published in the club's official magazine 
  9. I am  ambidextrous meaning that I can write with both hands 
  10. I enjoyed primary school, however at the same time hated it because I got bullied severely 
  11. When I was little there was a TV show in my town called 'As Time Goes By'. Me and my Dad are seen crossing the road in the background. I was about 4 or 5. 
  12. I always used to sing along with the neighbors theme tune when I was younger but I could never say 'friends' so used to sing 'that's when good neighbors become good sars' and did a little bow at the end. 
  13. I absolutely loved my time at secondary school and made some of the greatest friends ever and I wish every day that I could go back. 
  14. When I was younger I used to be obsessed with 'Girl Talk' 'Mizz' and 'Shout' magazines and used to buy every single copy and I hate the fact I am too old for them now.
  15. Growing up I used to really enjoy singing, performing and loved Drama classes at school. However this experience was ruined when I had to sing in front of 3 of the other classes. They all burst out laughing which led to me crying and walking out of the room. I then decided that performing was not for me. Biggest regret of my life. 
  16. I am the shyest person ever. If you see me from a distance you'd probably think I'm extremely confident, but if you come up to me I will be incredible shy and sometimes awkward. 
  17. The end of 2012 introduced me to one of the biggest passions of my life at the moment. Musical theatre. I have become obsessed with the shows Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables and have been introduced to other musical theatre soundtracks to the shows Miss Saigon, Jekyll and Hyde, Matilda, Wicked and Little Mermaid Broadway Soundtrack. 
  18. I've never really had a role model however since coming across her someone who has inspired me so much is the musical theatre actress Sierra Boggess. She has taught me so much and I will be forever grateful to her for encouraging me to go after my dreams. 
  19. My favorite band of all time is Westlife 
  20. I know how to play the violin and keyboard 
  21. I am planning on taking up the guitar as well. 
  22. I also plan on taking up singing lessons purely to improve my voice and learn more about it. 
  23. I absolutely HATE the twilight movie series but the books are amazing. 
  24. I am absolutely in love with the Harry Potter series. Books and films. 
  25. My favorite TV shows are Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, 90210, Downton Abbey and Pretty Little Liars. 
  26. I give second chances way to easily. 
  27. My favorite drinks include Irn Bru, Pink Lucozade and now that it is back Vanilla Coke. 
  28. I currently have 3 jobs. Maths and English Tutor Assistant, Bar Staff with a catering company and Bar staff at Twickenham stadium. 
  29. The sugar crush scene from soap and glory is my favorite scent at the moment 
  30. I am obsessed with Yankee Candles. 
  31. I have never been in love.
  32. I have no allergies to anything other than penicillin 
  33. I have kept a journal (both book and online form) from the ages of 11 till now. 
  34. I absolutely adore bollywood films. 
  35. I have never ever seen an episode of Friends. 
  36. I am probably the least judgemental person you will ever meet. 
  37. I have emojis next to every single contact I have on my iphone. The result of serious boredom. 
  38. Despite hopefully graduating university this summer it is probably one of the worst decisions I have ever made. 
  39. I could literally browse the shops HMV and Waterstones for hours as I do love my movies and books. 
  40. My dream holiday destinations are Australia, New York and Los Angeles. 
  41. I am one of those children who has been deprived of DisneyLand. 
  42. I have been to France over 14 times and never been to Paris 
  43. I am a very emotional person and the tiniest thing can make me cry. 
  44. My favorite actress of all time is Audrey Hepburn. 
  45. It took me one day to learn how to ride a bike. 
  46. My dream career would be to act on the stage or in TV shows and once I graduate university is something I am going to start working towards. 
  47. My favorite flowers are Lilies and Daisies. 
  48. My favorite films are the cliche 'chick flicks' so The Notebook, PS I Love You, Breakfast at Tiffany's etc. 
  49. I absolutely hate Aubergine. 
  50. I have over 200 pairs of earrings. 

    What are some unique facts about you? Leave a comment below so I can get to know some of you guys better!