Today's Shopping Trip - 12th January 2013

12 January 2013

So today I went shopping/cinema with my best friend from high school. Was such a good day. Ended up going to Westfield Shopping Centre in White City. We had Lebanese food which was a chicken wrap but tasted REALLY good. We then went and saw Pitch Perfect & as you would know from yesterday's blog post, I love that film so much. 

If you have just clicked on my blog for the first time scroll down to see reviews/my opinions of the film and a rating as well. After the film we were tired. Who knew eating and watching a film would be so hard?  

We then went to Boots because there was a few things that my friend wanted to buy. Whilst I was there I browsed the make up/skin care products and came across the 'Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser'. I have read a lot of good reviews online and also saw a video just the other day from beauty blogger and you-tuber Zoella as well. I have used the product once before and I think it was last year but it was borrowed from my friend it wasn't my own product. 

When I saw the Liz Earl Cleanser today in Boots I decided to purchase it because I need a new skin care routine.  I will warn you though it is quite pricey. I bought the starter kit for £14.25. I think if you just want the 100ML pump with the 2 clothes it's £12.95. Slightly cheaper but not a lot of difference with what you get. You just get 1 extra cloth and it doesn't come in a pouch like the starter kit does which is below. 

Inside the pouch there is 100ml pump and a cloth. 

There is also a set of instructions on the back of the pump and also a set of instructions printed on a piece of card inside the pouch as well. This is handy if you haven't used the product before and would like to know what to do. Although using a cleanser isn't really that difficult and I'm sure you've all got cleansers that you currently use. 

I look forward to using this product again as I think it will do wonders for my skin. I have ordered the toner and the moisturizer for dry/sensitive skin as well to go with this product so hopefully all 3 of them will do wonders. In about 2 months I will do another blog post giving a review about the product and rating it as well. Please remember this is my own personal opinion and will not be influenced by the company in any way. 

Another product I ordered whilst I was out was an Essie Nail Polish. I bought an essie nail polish last year. I can't remember when, I think it was August/September but I love it. I find it doesn't chip easily and all the colours are amazing. I've had my eye on this colour for a while but it was quite pricey so I decided to avoid it, however today I just couldn't resist. 

It is such a gorgeous color. If you can't see it the color is Mint Candy Apple. It's a gorgeous green color and I believe that it is a perfect color for winter/spring time. I know normally people like to wear dark colors but its good to brighten something up. I definitely will be wearing this. I don't really like wearing dark colors. Pale greens, blues, pinks and purples are the kinds of colors I like to wear on my nails so this is perfect. I got this in Boots for £7.99 but its not something I would buy all the time and they do last me a long time. It's a gorgeous brand so if you feel like purchasing it go to Boots/Superdrug  and they should have them in there. I found this in Westfields in London. I wasn't able to find it in my local high street Superdrug so possibly there is more availability within the bigger stores. 

In summary to this: 

  • Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish Starter Kit (100ML + cloth) = £14.25
  • Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish = £7.99 
If you have any more questions/comments about either of these products please leave a comment below.