New Lush Product Review

10 January 2013

So yesterday while I was in Kingston shopping with my friend I thought I'd take a trip to lush. I've never really bought anything from there before for myself so I thought I'd give it a try. Bath bombs were not really on the agenda because I'm more of a shower person than a bath person.

Anyway, one of the products I ended up buying was the 'Snow Fairy Shower Gel' which was limited edition over the Christmas Period. I couldn't find it anywhere because as it's January all the sales are now on, but I managed to find two little bottles that were on sale so I didn't hesitate to buy them and I managed to get two for only £3.50 which was a total bargain.

I've seen a lot of people use them and all though I didn't want to 'jump on the bandwagon' they did look nice and pretty so I thought why not. They smell amazing and seem to be very popular. I used one this morning and I must say I am impressed. Gorgeous smell, gorgeous color and gorgeous product over all.

I only got 2 other products and they were 'Lip Scrubs'. I got 2 different flavors which are pictured below.

When I say flavors I actually mean flavors because they just taste so good. The instructions for what you are meant to do are pictured below.

I find that it does what it says it does on the packaging. I find my lips definitely do get a loft softer which is good because my lips dry up a lot and start to crack I use this and then put one of The Body Shop's lip butter on. I know it says use one of Lush's lip balms but any lip balm you have should do. The results are amazing.

So yeah please check these products out! Especially the 'Snow Fairy' because I have a feeling they'll be all gone in the next couple of weeks.