2012 Favorites - Part Two

16 January 2013

Hey there! 

So yesterday I did my part one of my 2012 favorites, I was going to do part two last night as well but I was way to tired plus I didn't want my blog to look too cluttered so decided I would do part two now instead. Like with yesterday's post if I can find the prices/products online then I will link them below. I think there there is only one product that I might not be able to find but I will do my best. 

So the first product that I will be talking about in this part is The Body Shop's body butter in Mango. Oh my god I cannot tell you how much I am in love with this butter and the smell. It just makes me want to eat it. During 2012 I went on a little shopping spree and got a small tub as well as the regular sized tubs. 

The smell is delicious and I love putting this on after I've had a shower or bath. I find it moisturizes my skin really well and doesn't leave it feeling oily which is a bonus. I would definitely recommend this product. They are a little bit pricey I think the big tubs are like £12 but if I find the link I'll put it at the end.

The next item which I absolutely loved during 2012 was again from Avon and was a Foot Spray and a foot moisturizer as well. These were my go-to items during 2012. I have really bad feet in terms of how quickly they dry up so I thought these was perfect. 

These were absolutely heavenly to use during 2012. I find the lotion keeps my feet feeling very soft and stops them from drying up easily as well. I used this every night before I went to bed and in the morning when I woke up as I found this had the best results. I have really horrible feet and they get really hot very easily which isn't nice at all so I used to spray my feet with this product and it cools them down a lot. I love it. 

During 2012 I came across a new skincare routine. This is all from one brand and was the 'Tea Tree Collection'. I prefer using products from the same brand in terms of cleansing, toning and moisturizing my skin. I find it gives better results than using one product from say Tea Tree and another from Liz Earl. 

I love the smell of this product. Peppermint has always been one of my favorite scents so this product was just perfect for me and I didn't hesitate to buy it when I saw it in Superdrug. Even though the cleanser and toner says its a cleanser and toner I actually find it works best as a toner instead of a cleanser. I use the cleansing pads followed by the cleanser and toner and then use the moisturizer on my skin. It makes me skin looking very healthy, very soft and smooth so I would definitely recommend this item. 

The next item is one that I actually stopped using in 2012 because I found the foundation instead (see part one). This is the Max Factor powder in Medium Beige (41). These product was perfect for me before I found the foundation. I found that it covered my skin perfectly and again gave me a more natural look. 

Another thing I liked about this product was that it wasn't too flaky. In previous years when I have used powders I have found them to be very flaky and find that they tend to make my skin itch a lot as well. This product I find doesn't do that at all so I would definitely recommend this. (In your color obviously). 

The final product that I loved using during 2012 is not a make up product. It's actually a travel accessory but I absolutely love it. It's a Cath Kidston oyster card wallet which I absolutely love and would highly recommend it. 


As you can see it has 3 different slots. I keep this permanently in my bag/pocked on my coat because it is so easy to find. Inside I keep my provisional driving license, my oyster card obviously and my bank card as well. I love using this because when I go out I don't always like carrying a bag or a purse with me, but I do always wear a coat/jacket so I just take this out with me and its easy to just pay by card or show my ID if I have to so I would definitely recommend this product if like me you hate carrying out bulky things. 

So there you have it. My top products of 2012. Some of these I will be using throughout 2013 and some of them I have decided to stop using so I can experiment with other brands. However I would still highly recommend everything you see here. If you missed Part One of my 2012 favorites then please click HERE

In Part Two of my 2012 Favorites: